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Get Rid of Flat Warts

There are various medications and surgeries to get rid of flat warts. But the natural way of eliminating the flat warts is still the best method when it comes to clean up. The usage of natural ingredients to get rid of flat warts is not a new thing. People have been using this technique for quite some time now. What makes this way of treating warts better? It is the availability of all the required ingredients in the market and its ease of use. Along with the readily available information prevalent in the market, one can get rid of flat warts quite quickly without any excess use of medication or by relying on overcomplicated technologies.

Natural Remedies for Flat Warts


Get Rid of Flat WartsThe application of vinegar or apple cider vinegar is one of the most known Natural Remedies, for the elimination of flat warts from the surface of the skin. To apply vinegar for flat warts, one needs to make sure that the area of application is clean. To do so, they can clean that particular patch of skin with clear water. Then they need to make sure that their skin is dry and if necessary they can use a clean towel to rub or gently pat that area dry. They need to go ahead and dip a clean piece of fabric like cotton into the vinegar.

Then one needs to go ahead with the application of the wet fabric to that particular part of the skin. One would also need a bandage so that they can stick the damp material to that specific area and make sure that it stays right there. The next step is to wait and let it be there. At least two or three hours are recommended, but one can also leave it overnight for a better result. The application of vinegar as a natural remedy is thus a straightforward and uncomplicated process.


Along with being a staple of most food and edible items garlic is also an antiviral and can help combat viral infection. The garlic can be used to reduce the formation of flat warts and even outright eliminate the virus itself. To do so, one needs to make a paste out of garlic. To make dough out of garlic, they need to add some cloves of garlic to the bowl and with the help of the mixing utensil they can crush the garlic.

One also needs to apply some water as that will help in the formation and marinating the thickness of the paste. One then needs to arrange for the bandage, apply the dough to the bandage and apply it to the affected part of the skin. The dressing needs to be left alone for few hours at least. One also needs to avoid the urge of poking around as it might disrupt the working of the anti-viral elements found in garlic.

After the bandage has come off by itself, they can re-apply the paste and apply the dressing again, performing the same process again. The individual needs to repeat this process, again and again, to gain the maximum affect out of it.


Saps of certain trees and plants can help with flat warts. An individual applying the sap to the affected the area needs to make sure that they are getting stems of those plants that have not gotten sprayed with any form of pesticide or insecticides. Any sorts of preservative chemicals are also a strict no. And not just any plants would do, the plant has to be dandelion, Mexican poppy or the milkweed to make sure that it works on the viral infection of flat warts.

To apply the sap to the affected are on needs to break the stem and make the sap juice pouring out of the stem right on top of the affected area. The sap juice flowing from the stem and onto the skin might induce some itching to the surface, but on the other hand, saps have proven to be the best and the fastest solution to flat warts.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another proven natural remedy for Face Warts. The aloe Vera has anti-viral properties making it suitable for the task of combating the increasing infection of flat warts virus. The aloe Vera is also known to contain malic acid which also boosts the regeneration of skin cells and helps it counter viral infections too. To apply the aloe Vera one needs to take a leaf of the aloe Vera plant.

One then needs to remove the thorns from the side of it and then they can apply it gently on the affected part of their skin. By rubbing it gently on the surface, the skin would get a dose of malic acid, and this will help in getting rid of Face Warts, which are quite stubborn and would not go away easily. The application of aloe Vera is also quite easy as one does not need to concern themselves with the implementation of bandage and whether that will help them or not.

Tea Tree OilGet Rid of Flat Warts

Tea tree oil has also known to be helpful with flat warts. One can use tea tree oil on the patch of flat warts to get rid of them and even put a stop to the viral infection. One can apply the oil directly and bandage that part. They need to repeat this process multiple times to gain result.


one can use freshly cut pineapple to help with flat warts. This needs to be performed several times a day to gain some effect and reduce the infection.

Baking Powder

Baking powder alone does not help with warts. One needs to mix baking powder with basil leaves to make the mixture more potent and apply it to the affected area and leave it overnight.

Castor oil

The moistness provided by the castor oil will make the skin wetter. This will help in the breakdown of the viral elements present there and will help with warts. One can apply this oil and leave it overnight for maximum effect.


Vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E can help with the breakdown of viral accumulation on the skin. They can make a powder of that tablet by crushing it and making a paste out of it by applying water to it. They can then apply that paste directly to the skin for relief.


Aspirins too can be used for flat warts. To do so, one needs to follow the same process like that of the vitamin tablet. They should make a powder of that table, then make it into a paste by adding water and then apply it to the skin.

The remedies mentioned here are better than the Clinical remedies. One can still go for the medications and surgeries. But the remedies which are home-based are far better than Clinical remedies, and also the easy availability of all the natural ingredients make it the better option.

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