Common Warts

Common Warts

Hundreds of HPV kinds are known till now. It occurs when the virus by the name Human Papillomavirus comes in contact with the skin which is slightly damaged. This may lead to all sorts of the wart, including genital warts, flat warts, hand warts and face warts. How will one know that they have common warts? What does a wart look like? In fact, they come in various sizes and shapes. The appearance of the wart depends on the extent to which the infection is severe. The concern by now would be that, do warts spread? Yes, they spread. That is, if one carelessly and freely, touches the region too much.

Common WartsRelax! Common Warts are painless! Generally. Yes. Do warts hurt much? However, if they develop on regions where you apply pressure, they may be painful. The shape, size and the skin texture can appear strange, making one wonder of the source. They are the doing of HPV which highly infects the skin. Unless it is healed properly, the bumpy, round protrusion from the skin will not disappear! A major question now would be, do warts hurt? It is better to be careful and know that they are painful in the instance when you apply pressure on the surface. It is advisable to check with the doctor and find whether it is a wart.

Can one prevent the occurrence of warts? One should follow some good habits, and they can be sure of 90% not having warts. It is essential thus to make sure that one keeps their hands cleaned and washed all the time. It is also advisable to keep a hand sanitizer whenever one is on the move.

OTC wart medication

We know that most children are utterly petrified of a visit to the doctor.  So the concerned mother may wonder can warts go away without any treatment? One should not be careless while dealing with this since you might never know which wart is the mother wart to spread the infection. It is this best to heed a doctor and his guidance for the treatment of a wart.  What about home remedies for common warts? Nowadays, one should never rely on those traditional home remedies and methods of healing common warts. If the skin wart is just common, one can use some OTC wart medication to end them. There are three types of viral warts treatments available:

  • Topical treatment: – This healing method includes such wart paints that constitute salicylic acid and similar compounds.
  • Cryotherapy: This is another powerful medical option. It is repeated every 1-2 weeks.
  • Electrosurgery: – This is a popular treatment if the wart is resistant and pretty large.

Following these treatments, one will surely be free of warts.

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