Warts on Children

Warts And Children

Children can easily get warts since their immune systems are not fully developed. It’s not as simple as getting warts on children from playing with frogs.  The truth is much more complicated. Around 15% of children get common warts, with girls more susceptible to contracting them. Children between the age of 10 and 16 have a higher likelihood of getting warts. Although contagious, warts are not harmful and are easily curable. Some kids are bothered by warts more than others. Embarrassment can set in with some children when warts appear due to their unsightly appearance. Warts can be painful if they appear under the feet or soles. Warts on children usually take place on the fingers and elbows. Palmer warts found on the palms and plantar warts on the feet are also common among kids.

Warts on ChildrenWhy Are Warts So Common Among Kids?

It is mainly children who are more affected by warts than adults. Although warts can affect any region of the body, they usually affect warm and moist areas. If there are small cuts or scratches on the hands, fingers, and feet, the human papillomavirus can enter the bloodstream to cause an infection. Also known as juvenile warts, flat warts are also common among young children. A common wart has a dome shape and is greyish-brown in color. Kids easily get cuts and scratches on their bodies when they play. Thus, the virus enters the body of kids more easily. Their immune system is also not strong enough to combat the virus. There can be warts on hands, on the toes, palms, neck or any other region.

Common Kinds of Warts Affecting Children

Till now 120 types of human papillomavirus have been detected. Each kind of wart is named after its typical appearance, the region of the body where it occurs and the treatment required. Know one thing that warts are harmless and do not affect kid’s health in any way. But, they are contagious and may spread. The following are the kinds of warts affecting kids:

  • Common warts are warts that appear on the hands, fingers, knees, and elbows. Warts appear hard bumps and show on the surface of the skin. Carrying a rough surface, warts may remind you of cauliflowers
  • Warts may be small in size and carry the appearance of a pinhead. This sort of flat wart is common among children. Featuring a smooth and flat top, the color of the wart is the color of flesh. They may appear in clusters on the knees, hands, and arms.
  • Carrying a finger-like shape, filiform warts are again common among kids. Natural cure for warts may be adopted to get rid of the skin protrusions.
  • Among all kinds of warts, occurring in children, plantar warts are painful. You will find them below the soles of the feet. Being painful and stubborn, it is vital to treat plantar warts on feet as soon as possible.

Teach your child how to practice good hygiene to avoid warts in future. If the child is more susceptible to warts, try immune boosting, holistic treatment methods.

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