Flat Warts

About Flat Warts

The human skin transforms every stage of its life. The human skin just like any other cells of the body also suffers from deformity and many other problems. Warts are of one of those many issues. There have been observed to be more than a hundred types of warts. The flat wart is also one type of it, but usually occurs far more frequently and can be noticed on many people’s skin. The problem of the flat wart often seems to occur in younger people more and kids who are yet to hit their puberty and mature. As such it happens on the skins of minors whose body has not yet gone hormonal changes.

Causes of Flat Warts-

Flat WartsHuman papillomavirus or also referred to as HPV in short form is the main reason behind the occurrence of flat warts on the skin. Much specifically, flat warts get caused because of HPV types 3, 10, 28 and 49.  These strains are soft and gentle, and unlike Genital Warts, they are not the cause of cervical cancer. Flat warts can also get passed through touching and contact with a person who already has the virus of flat warts in their body.

A study was also conducted which stated that flat warts are usually painless and harmless and genital Warts cause cervical cancer in women. Flat warts can get spread by using the same washing tools as that used by the person experiencing flat warts. Furthermore, the virus which causes flat wart has also been known to enter through wound openings of the people if that person is near the infected and in this way increase the chances of infecting the new victim.

Young adults who are starting to use a razor for shaving purposes can get infected with flat warts if they are not careful with the razor and experience a cut or a light wound on their skin. Teenagers who are already suffering from acne and pimples can also contact flat warts as they usually start poking at a blister, thus creating an entry point for the virus in this manner. People who have recently undergone surgeries and those who have weakened immune system due to various radioactive therapies can also come in contact with the virus which might get them infected with flat warts.

Symptoms of Flat Warts-

Identifying flat warts is straightforward. Flat warts can form on any part of the body and are flat at the top. To the naked eye it can look like an excess growth of skin, but in reality, it is a viral infection and should get treated as such. Warts on children are also rather a common occurrence. Flat warts usually occur n face or on the forehead and are usually of the skin color. Besides the skin color of the infected, it can also occur in a variety of other colors like brown, yellow or sometimes pink. It can also lead to dew other skin problems like itching and make one look ugly but nothing too life-threatening.

They are also found to bunch up together making the skin look bloated and overall reducing the overall attractiveness of the contagious person. Warts on children can also grow on any part of their body, and it can be quite tough getting rid of it. Usually, warts disappear by themselves after a certain period of a year or two. But sometimes this does not happen, and this can make the infectious problem more troublesome. Fortunately, some ways are there using which one can get rid of flat warts.

Diagnosis of Flat Warts-

There are many ways one can diagnose flat warts. One can wait and see whether flat wart goes away by itself or not. Flat wart is usually painless, and hence one can wait for some time to see whether it disappears by itself or not. Typically, it takes one year to two years to get rid of flat warts by waiting. This is an involuntary way of viral warts treatment.Flat Warts

If one sees that the flat wart is not disappearing, then they can opt for medication and surgeries instead. The medicines are one strong option as they can go right into the base of the skin and hit the virus directly at its root. One needs to make sure that the medications are powerful enough and that its applied beneath all the layers of skin otherwise one runs the risk of formation of flat warts again in the future. This is also the reason for growing resilience against medications by flat wart viruses, making it an uncertain viral warts treatment method.

There are various medicines available in the stores which can quickly remove a flat wart by first drying it up and then removing that peel from the skin. The process is also quite painless. But the user should also be warned that some of these medicines may have active compounds and chemicals which might not be good for the skin as that might scar their skin or make an already simple problem more complicated.

Prevention of Flat Warts-

The flat warts are one of the most commonly occurring skin problems in kids and adolescents, they are usually harmless and have a flat or plain top, and it looks like a smooth cluster of skin cells on top of the surface. Children are at naturally at a higher risk of getting infected with the virus of flat warts. To prevent flat warts from occurring one needs to be cautious when they are nearby contagious people.

They also need to maintain their hygiene by making sure that their hands are always clean and they should use disinfectant for that. One also needs to be careful while shaving as a slight wound on the surface can get contaminated. They also need to make sure that if they are suffering from pimples on their skin, then they should not poke directly on the blister or even around it. Following all these steps would ensure that there would be minimal chances of one getting infected with a flat wart.

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