The Best Treatment For Warts

Which Is The Best Treatment For Warts?

The condition of warts may be discomforting and annoying especially when they occur in the exposed areas of the skin. Without the course of proper treatment, warts can spread. However, treatment procedures for warts are available, and they may vary from the natural therapies to laser procedures. As per a current research conducted by WHO, approximately 10% of the population would experience warts once in their lifetime.

On the other hand, warts are highly contagious and may spread from contact. In recent years, with rapid advancements in the field of medical science, warts can be treated without the fear of any complications. It is more common to witness a cluster of warts in the affected area. Sometimes the fabric present in the clothes can also cause warts to spread as a result of friction. One of the most common over the counter treatment procedure is the use of salicylic acid. The method of salicylic acid cleanser can make sure that warts in the affected area would disappear quickly.

Some Best Treatments to Treat Warts Available NowadaysTreatment For Warts

If you have just one or two warts, then you can readily buy the over the counter medicines to treat this skin disease. However, if you notice a cluster of them, then it is always advisable to visit a dermatologist. However, it is not still desirable to avail over the counter medicines as these can prove to be dangerous. It is so because they have different chemicals present in them that may or may not suit the skin type of an individual. The below mentioned treatment procedures would always make sure that you are availing the best curing techniques to treat warts.

Holistic Treatments

Simply put, holistic medicine deals with curing the root cause of a condition, rather than its symptoms.  This type of treatment method primarily centers upon balancing the body, mind and spirit. A key philosophy of curing any sort of ailment, including warts, is to make adjustments to one’s lifestyle, such as dietary considerations.  In the case of warts, altering the diet to include more vitamins and minerals, along with a consistent exercise routine may not only be the best natural cure for warts, but also other ailments as well.

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If you are experiencing pain in the affected area, then you can opt to freeze the area of the wart with a cold spray. This cold spray is comprised of chemicals that produce a field of blister around the wart. After a considerable period, the blister as well as wart would finally vanish. However, renowned dermatologists are of the opinion that one should never try to freeze warts with ice cubes. This can cause the underneath skin to shrink which may aggravate the skin illness and may also cause pain. One should also use cold sprays after consulting a dermatologist. Application of a cold spray always depends on the skin type of a particular individual. Hence, still refrain from buying a cold spray without the consent of a certified medical practitioner.

The Application of Acids

Treatment For WartsIn recent years, with a rapid surge in the number of wart patients, treatment procedures related to acids have emerged as a popular choice. The most common treatment for warts is related to salicylic acid. Though the prospect of treating warts sounds scary, it is beneficial to apply salicylic acid cleanser to the affected area so that the outer portion peels off. It may also sting a bit when you use the salicylic acid cleanser the affected area. In this context, it is interesting to note that before the application of acid on the affected part. it is always advisable to wash the affected area with lukewarm water.

One can also opt to soak the affected area for 10 minutes in the warm water. Nowadays, medical practitioners are of the view that the patient has to soften the outer surface of the wart so that salicylic acid can work faster. You can soften the external surface of the wart by using a cardboard nail file or an emery board. Always make sure that you rub the surface in slow motion so that there is no damage to the external blister. The application of salicylic acid peels off the skin, and after a considerable period, the wart would peel away as well.

The Method of Taping

It usually sounds weird, but a majority of individuals treat warts with the help of a duct tape. The duct tape should be free of pollution, and you should use an antiseptic with it to eliminate any chances of infection. It is a popular household method to treat warts. Hence, utmost care should be followed in using a duct tape. Always make sure that you buy a brand new duct tape before applying it to the affected area. The use of the salicylic acid with the combination of a duct tape usually works wonders in many cases. However, the duct tape should be changed after every hour so that the affected portion of the skin does not get infected. The duct tape usually peels away the layers of the wart and hence renders it useless.

Salicylic Acid For Curing Warts

Treatment For Warts

On the contrary, there may be situations when warts would not go away fast enough. Moreover, the rate of their spreading may increase also. In these types of conditions, always make sure to visit a dermatologist. The skin doctor may try various procedures of treatment. For instance, the medical practitioner can include the use of salicylic acid cleanser to treat warts. Moreover, the doctor can also prescribe oral pills or an antiseptic cream that can peel away the outer portion of warts. In extreme cases, when the method of freezing stops to work, the doctor can also advise you to undergo ice-cold liquid nitrogen therapy. It is also beneficial in freezing warts thereby numbing the sensitivity of the outer portion of warts. In other cases, the skin doctor may also advise you to undergo laser therapy. It is quite advantageous in burning off warts.

There is another famous treatment procedure in which the patient suffering from wart is injected with an anti-cancer drug known as bleomycin. These types of drugs may be painful and can have other side-effects. The skin doctor can also use immunotherapy which usually attempts to utilize the rejection mechanism of the immune system.

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