Holistic Treatment of Warts

holistic treatment of warts

What is holistic medicine?

When it comes to discussing holistic treatment of warts, let’s start at the top.  Simply put, holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the body, mind and spirit of a person.  Taking this a step further, holistic medicine corrects imbalances in these areas to cure the root of the problem, not simply treat the symptoms.  In other words, finding underlying causes of an ailment, then treating those causes, is preferable to treating symptoms alone.  Keep reading for my top-secret holistic treatment for warts that dermatologists DO NOT want you to know!

Holistic versus conventional medicine for treating warts

Holistic medicine stands in direct contrast to conventional (or traditional) medicine.  Conventional medicine takes the perspective of curing the external symptoms rather than the disease itself.  

For instance, think of someone with eczema. There are countless studies that show this disease is a symptom of a much bigger problem — a weak immune system due to internal inflammation.  

In curing this issue, conventional medicine will prescribe various prescription-based topical ointments and creams, or even rounds of hydrocortisone steroids for more serious cases.  Let me ask you this… What human being has a shortage of hydrocortisone steroids in their body?  

Answer… Not one.  The root cause of eczema in this example is due to a weak immune system, not a hydrocortisone deficiency. Curing the weak immune system is a holistic cure and would be accomplished by first adopting a low-inflammatory diet and one that is low in histamines.  This same thinking applies to a holistic treatment of warts.

How can holistic medicine help remove warts?

These same principles of holistic medicine versus conventional medicine can also be applied to warts. While warts are contagious and were probably acquired via direct contact with others who have warts, The reason your body is reacting to this exposure could be due to a malfunctioning immune system.  After the initial exposure, bringing your mind, body and spirit into balance may be the underlying cause of a wart or even a wart outbreak.

Boost your immune system to fend off warts

Warts are caused by the HPV virus, so one of the best remedies is to boost your body’s immune system to fend off this virus.  Tying all of the elements together listed below, the main ways to accomplish this goal is to eat better, get plenty of exercise, increase your intake of immune boosting minerals, and of course get outside and soak up some vitamin D!

What is a holistic treatment of warts?

Eat better — I am a firm believer that diet is everything.  You know the old saying “ you are what you eat”, well I have put this to the test and I can share some secrets with you. I adopted the paleo diet a few years back, and while I don’t eat 100% paleo every day, it has helped me immensely with my overall well being.  Give it a try!

Eating paleo will definitely boost your immune system to help you fend off warts today and help reduce the possibility of contracting warts again in the future.  How? This type of diet is rich in lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and Omega-3 fatty acids.  The Paleo diet is also a popular choice for what it avoids.  Refined sugars, simple carbohydrates, unhealthy omega-6 fats and dyes and chemicals are all avoided.  I would say this type of diet is a great starting point for a holistic treatment for warts.  There is literally no downside to doing so today!

–> Key holistic treatment of warts: Boost mineral intake <–

One of the most direct issues with warts is having deficient levels of selenium, zinc and magnesium in the body.  Zinc, in particular, can help control and get rid of warts since many wart sufferers actually have a zinc deficiency.  The same can be said for selenium.  Magnesium helps bind these minerals along with other crucial vitamins to the bones thus retaining them better in the body.  Boosting these two minerals, along with magnesium intake is probably the best solution for a holistic treatment of warts, in my opinion!  (Shhh… Your Dermatologist doesn’t want  you spreading this secret!)

Which vitamins get rid of warts?

You may be wondering what vitamins help your body fight off the HPV virus.  Being somewhat whimsical, research shows that boosting intake of Vitamins A, B, C, D, E will help with warts….. Simply put, take all of them!  If you have a balanced diet this shouldn’t be an issue. Some individuals may see a need to fortify their diets with a multivitamin regimen.  Again, there’s really no downside to taking multivitamins on the regular.

Other Holistic Methods For Treating Warts

> Get exercise

Physical activity, especially with elevated heart rate and breathing, has been shown to flush bacteria out of the respiratory system.  This may reduce the chances of coming down with a cold, flu, or other illnesses.  So, exercise can keep you from getting sick and reduce the chances that your immune system weakens from illness.  A strong immune system is positive for getting rid of warts, reducing spread, and lowering chances of getting them in the first place.

> Go outside

There are many scientifically-proven reasons why you should go outside.  This seems obvious, since humans and all mammals, evolved in a natural, outdoor setting, not indoors.  Spending more time outdoors can positively benefit eyesight, stress-levels, and overall mental health.  It can also boost your immune system since a leisurely trip to the woods can boost production of illness-fighting proteins.  

A 2010 review of research related to this effect noted that “all of these findings strongly suggest that forest environments have beneficial effects on human immune function,” but acknowledged that more research on the relationship is needed.

Source: Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine, 2010

What sorts of foods can help fend off warts?

Positively altering your diet is the major underpinning for a holistic treatment of warts.  Again, eating a well-balanced diet that is high in protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids can do wonders for treating warts.  Foods that are high in selenium, zinc, and magnesium, like pumpkin seed, brazil nuts, and walnuts will provide numerous benefits.  

Dark, leafy greens that are high in minerals, such as collard greens, kale and seaweed will also have a positive effect.  The University of Maryland Medical Center states that foods like these that boost the immune system can decrease warts by fighting HPV.

Certain herbs like oregano and frankincense can also help boost the immune system and aid in fighting HPV.  Green tea, with its high antioxidant properties, also provides great benefits.

Foods to avoid for a holistic treatment of warts

Foods to avoid include foods that are processed or contain a high level of unhealthy Omega-6 fats and refined sugars.  Try to avoid food high in sugar at all costs. Pre-packaged foods like cookies, crackers and fast food are all high in these categories.  So, avoid these foods for a while until you see results.  Also avoid simple-carbohydrate foods like white bread, pasta, and white potatoes.  Finally, avoid stimulants like caffeine and do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol or consume tobacco products.

In a nutshell, adopting a healthy holistic lifestyle can do wonders in many areas, and especially for banishing warts.  Eat a healthy, balanced diet that is high in nutrients and just go outside and get some exercise…  It’s a lifestyle change for some, but you will thank us later!

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