Salicylic Acid Treatment

Salicylic Acid Treatment

Salicylic acid treatment is just perfect for wart treatment besides other skin disorders. In most of the wart removal products, you will find the use of salicylic acid. Wart removal and wart treatment products are available in the form of lotions, creams, and liquids. Also known as ortho-hydroxybenzoic acid, salicylic acid is crystalline solid in white color. In most of the pharmaceutical products, it is an active ingredient. You will find its use in most of the aspirin. It is an effective treatment for warts that are caused by human papillomavirus.

Important Facts on Salicylic Acid Treatment

Salicylic Acid TreatmentWhen compared to other treatment options, salicylic acid for the treatment of warts is much stronger. If you use salicylic acid for the treatment of acne or psoriasis, the treatment concentration need not be so strong. When using it for wart removal, make sure you use medicine carrying proper concentration. Salicylic acid cream for warts is available widely over-the-counter. Before applying the cream, soak the affected region in lukewarm water to let the area soften. Apply the cream thrice daily on the region till you notice an improvement. It may take 12 weeks for warts to disappear. Make sure you do not apply salicylic acid on regions that are unaffected. Any contact of this acid with the unaffected area can lead to side effects in the form of skin irritation and skin eruption.

How Does the Acid Work?

Wart remover salicylic acid is used in wart removal ointments and lotions. The outer layer of the skin will shed off when you apply it. Salicylic acid destroys the top layer and kills the wart virus. In fact, the chief reason behind warts is human papillomavirus. Wart-causing virus transmits through contact with infected objects. A variety of HPV can cause warts on hands, feet, neck, face and other regions.

The salicylic acid treatment for warts is less invasive. The best part is that you may get salicylic acid ointment from any chemist shop. The concentration of the acid can be between 10% and 60%. Along with salicylic acid cream, you may also use salicylic plaster carrying the concentration of 30%. Over-the-counter salicylic acid ointments, salicylic acid creams, salicylic acid plasters, gels, lotions are available. The wart removal cream is applied externally. By inhibiting the production of sweat or sebum, salicylic acid eliminates skin inflammation process. This is the reason why medicines using salicylic acid are used so widely to treat warts.

How to Get Best Results from Salicylic Acid Treatment?

To get the best results from OTC salicylic acid, you should follow the steps below:

  • The skin area should be steamed or treated with warm water for 5 minutes. So, when the area softens, you can apply the ointment based on salicylic acid.
  • The ointment should be applied before you go to sleep. Apply the wart remover directly to the affected area. Use a bandage to tie the area and cover the region.

While using salicylic acid ointment, make sure your other regions do not come in contact with the cream or drug. When compared to therapies and surgeries, using a cream or gel is easy.

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