Subungual Warts

Subungual Warts – Overview

Warts caused by human papillomavirus can appear on different regions of the body. Warts that are on the nails are subungual warts. It is very challenging to treat such a wart infection. They are like periungual warts but appear under the nails and not around the nails. Modern treatment techniques can help to treat subungual warts. You may apply wart removal products and creams directly on the surface for quick relief. The location of warts is such that it is difficult to treat it.

Important Facts You Need to Know

Subungual Warts Before using any natural wart treatment or wart removal OTC treatment, you must learn essential facts about subungual warts. This type of wart is much difficult to treat, and the infection can damage the nail bed completely. It is essential to treat subungual warts as soon as possible. The nails may get removed or detached from the nail bed. Although warts are not painful usually, subungual warts owing to the location of warts cause a lot of pain. You continually exert pressure on the nails, and this causes pain.

The Various Treatment Options for Subungual Warts

Apply the cream or use the treatment directly on the spot. Human papillomavirus that causes warts mainly affects the hands. To remove this kind of wart, there are various treatment options. Some of the best ones are electrocoagulation and laser treatment. A mixture is prepared by using podophyllin, acetone and salicylic acid that is directly applied twice on warts. Apart from OTC salicylic acid, one can use liquid nitrogen, ultrasonic therapy to get quick relief from warts. Such treatments produce outstanding results.

Lack of Care Can Increase the Size of Subungual Warts

If you do nothing about subungual warts, the infection can spread further. There can be an increase in the size of warts. The virus can further invade your skin, and there may be warts on several other regions of the body. Pain and discomfort may spread in the toes or fingers wherever the infection has occurred. Any picking of these warts may lead to severe bleeding, inflammation, and pain. Carbon dioxide vaporization is considered an effective cure for warts. Avoid any contact with HPV as much as possible.

Other Essential Facts on Subungual Warts

If left unattended, subungual warts can permanently distort or damage your nails. Warts may appear in the cluster and become larger if you do nothing. In fact, warts may appear in such locations that treatment is impossible. If it is too much under the nail bed, you may find it challenging to apply OTC salicylic acid and creams. This is the reason why you should never ignore warts. If nothing works for you, it is essential to get treatment in the hospital or at the doctor’s clinic. The doctor prepares a paint using salicylic acid and applies on the surface.

Carbon dioxide vaporization is the best treatment for killing the wart-causing virus. If you want it not to invade your immunity system, you must do something as quickly as possible.

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