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Seborrhoeic Warts Remedies

Seborrhoeic or senile warts are a condition seen in adults where there are unexplainable growths on the skin. These growths on the skin look like moles but come with no threat to your health. The spots get removed by people for their cosmetic preferences mainly. They might grow anywhere on the body and tend to have a waxy or flaky appearance. People describe these warts look like they have gotten paste on to the skin. They have a bit of raised appearance and are the most common non-cancerous skin growths seen in adults around the world. The following seven home remedies for warts are really useful to deal with these growths. Let’s have a look.

Wart RemovalUse of Apple Cider Vinegar Wart Removal:

This is one of the most tried and tested techniques used for wart removal. Take a cotton ball and soak it in undiluted apple cider vinegar. Press the soaked cotton ball on to the growths and keep it there for some time. You can use a Band-Aid to keep the cotton ball intact in the place. The apple cider vinegar wart removal works in two ways for most people. In some people, the growths fall off entirely after a few days. Others see a considerable change in a period of three to four days. The warts scabs as well as falls off partially.

Applying Hydrogen Peroxide:

When you use Hydrogen peroxide as a natural wart remover, make sure that you keep the concentration right. The right concentration for curing warts is 23 to 80 percent. The solution of hydrogen peroxide must get applied directly on to the growths to see quick results. The first stage after you apply it to the warts is that they start to turn pink. The final stage is the development of scabs on warts. You need to apply the solution on a regular basis if you want to see the spots fade away gradually. Make sure you are careful about not letting the solution affect the healthy skin around warts.

Going For Cold Compression:

When you think of how to remove warts, the factor of cold compress comes up high on the list. This technique is especially beneficial for senile warts that cause irritation on the skin. You need to try the cold compress directly on to the skin of warts to remove warts. Run really cold water over a clean piece of cloth and after that, wring it to remove the excessive water. Now press the cloth directly on to the skin to get relief. You must repeat this remedy whenever the area feels itchy, or you experience discomfort.

Using Hair as the Home Remedies for Warts

This is the technique that you can use if the growth is on the scalp and there is just a single growth in place of multiple growths. Long strands of hair tied around the base of the growth cuts off the blood supply to it. Give it some time, and it will shrink and darken gradually. After a few days, the wart will fall off. This method is undoubtedly very painful, but people that have tried this have vouched for its effectiveness. The approach will eliminate your scalp growths in a matter of a few weeks to a month.

Using Vitamin D as A Natural Wart RemoverWart Removal

It gets believed that skin growths occur when the body lacks a certain kind of nutrients or vitamins. Some medical experts opine that increasing the intake of vitamin D can work to prevent the coming on of multiple warts on the skin. So you can try upping the intake of vitamin D by having the fruits and vegetables that are rich in the vitamin. Make sure that you include things like egg yolks, cheese, fatty fish and soy milk in your daily diet. They will give you multiple benefits besides curing your warts.

Taking Off Certain Jewelry and Clothing

There are clothing and jewelry that lead to a worsening of the growth of warts. You have to keep an eye on what are the things that you wear that cause irritation on your warts. There are materials used in your accessories that lead to irritation and itching on warts. Take off those accessories and leave those off yourself. It is better not to let any such materials touch your warts. So for instance, if warts are growing on your neck, wrists or near your ears, stop wearing jewelry in all those places.

Wart RemovalAvoid Contact With Warts

It is easy to feel an urge to rub and scratch warts. But you must resist the urge to pick at warts. If you continue to pick at warts, then the condition worsens. There can be inflammation, bleeding and even serious cases of infection. If you are thinking about how to remove warts, then this is the first thing that you must learn to resist. Keep anything from touching the area that might become a cause of irritation. If you feel that you cannot resist the urge to touch or rub the area, you can put a Band-Aid on it so that you do not get to touch it.

A Few Additional Suggestions to Wart Removal

A word of advice in this regard is that you need to have a bit of patience when it comes to wart removal. Certain warts get reversed on their own without any remedy or treatment. It might so happen that you woke up one day and find that the wart has disappeared. The other factor is that even if you are going for home remedies, you must understand that even the best of remedies take time to work and it does not happen in a day. Have patience for at least a week or so, and the results will start showing surely.

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