do warts spread

Warts Overview

Wart is that abnormal and unwanted blister like fleshy skin growth which can happen at any parts of the body. They occur due to contact with a virus named Human Papillomavirus (HPV).This virus attacks the topmost layer of the skin. And they enter via broken cuts or bruised skin. They can also come through any part which is already damaged or weakened. Children are mainly susceptible to the virus. Even the older adults or someone who has been taking medicine for a long time is also vulnerable. Warts are commonplace among persons with low immunity. Statistics showed that every year around 14 million are reported to be infected with some or any wart.

HPV Virus

do warts spreadSo now the question arises, with so many people getting affected, do warts spread? And the answer is yes. A wart is highly contagious. They get quickly spread from the affected to the non-affected. It happens by spreading HPV virus directly via skin to skin contact. But most commonly, warts spread by sharing of personal items of wart infected such as towels, razors, socks or clothes worn by them. It does not mean that if you come in contact with HPV virus, you will immediately get a wart. It just depends on whether your immunity system is reliable or not. Thus children and teenagers get them more. Another medical research shows that one out of every three children gets affected by warts at some point in time. Contact with HPV virus causes the rapid and unnatural growth of the outer layer of skin leading to a wart.

The formation, growth, and size of the wart depend upon the area where it forms. Warts can occur in any part of the body. They commonly occur on hands and feet. But they can also appear on face, neck and even in genital areas and the latter always require immediate medical attention. Continuous research says that currently, there exist more than 100 strains of the wart.

How Do Warts Spreaddo warts spread

After knowing about the how do warts spread, you must know about its afflictions. Warts cause irritation and the person affected gets prone to scratching it. Continuous scratching and irritation causes the wart to experience pain and in some case bleed profusely. If by any chance the wart affected area gets injured, it creates further swelling and pain. Warts that have been there for a very long time take a darker color by the enlargement of the blood vessel. If the wart is there for a long time and remained untreated, it darkens, and the blood erupts from it. High chances of bleeding and pain cause if the wart appears on balls or heels or the sole area of the foot. Regular irritation and contact cause some severe pain and constant pressure on them causes sudden bleeding.

Natural wart treatment or the common warts are very easy by using band-aids, gels or ointments with salicylic acid. Another natural wart treatment is the rubbing of the wart with garlic paste or with fresh pineapple. However, these procedures are for the entire standard wart. If warts appear in the genital area, consult your gynecologist immediately.

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