Warts on the Face

Warts on the Face

In the present society, there is a huge emphasis on looks and appearance. Men and women you see in the magazines have flawless and glowing skin without any warts and acne marks. Won’t it be disgusting if you open your favorite fashion magazine and find a model with a wart on the face? You may now wonder what a wart is and what causes them. It is a type of skin infection which is caused by human papillomavirus entering the body through a cut or abrasion. 40% of the population is already aware what facial warts are. After one gets a wart on the face, he/she starts wondering how to get rid of warts on the face.

It is important to have a closer look at the wart and choose the treatment accordingly. You should choose the treatment as per the size, color, location of the wart. You need to think what might have caused warts to appear on the face. Poor immunity system, poor hygiene or any contact with the infected person can lead to this infection. Some of the other reasons for this infection can be metabolic disorders, nervous breakdown, and a weak immunity system. Warts on the face are not painful, but if you apply pressure to them, warts can be painful. There are various ways of dealing with warts.

Why Treat Facial Warts?Warts on the Face

Warts on the face are a serious cosmetic defect. Ugly skin projections on the face can lead to a lot of embarrassment making you think how to get rid of warts on face. Warts may bother you a lot when you see your reflection in the mirror. You may wish to avoid any communication with others. The worst part is that warts can easily grow. There are various treatments available to get securely rid of warts.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Facial Warts

Wart removal home remedies can help to get rid of warts. Firstly, you must follow preventative measures to avoid skin irritation. Limit shaving and use a soft towel to wipe your face. There must not be any rubbing with a hard towel as that can cause inflammation. Avoid alcohol lotions and tonics entirely. Before choosing any treatment, you must consider skin sensitivity and the items you are allergic to. Some of the best natural wart treatments for the face are:

  • Take half a bulb of onion, 4 cloves of garlic and prepare a paste. Add half a teaspoon of vinegar and mix them. Apply the mixture on the wart directly and bandage the area. Leave for an hour. This must be done thrice daily for best results.
  • Finely chop or grate the leaves of aloe vera and apply this mixture on the gauge or plaster. Use a bandage to secure the affected area. You may use this mask just before going to bed and remove it in the morning.
  • Take a cotton ball and dip inside salicylic acid. Rest the cotton ball on the wart for an hour.
  • If there are small warts that are brown, use apple juice to kill them. Take green sour apples, crush them and apply the juice on the warts directly. The small growths will tend to disappear in a few days.

Celandine & Horseradish Juice

  • Celandine juice may be directly applied on the facial warts to treat the infection. You may grate the stem of celandine plant and extract the juice. Apply on the warts directly to get effective results.
  • Horseradish juice when mixed in simple sea salt can cure the warts. Just take two tablespoon of the juice of horseradish and mix one teaspoon of salt in it. Rub the mixture on the affected area and leave it for an hour. This should be done twice daily.
  • 30% hydrogen peroxide can also kill facial warts. Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and apply on the warts. Leave the cotton ball for 3 hours and do this twice daily.
  • Potato and hydrogen peroxide mixture is an effective treatment for facial warts. It may be used to address senile warts on neck, face and any region of the body.
  • It is very unpleasant to have a wart on the eyelids. You may treat it with the mixture of aloe vera juice, horseradish juice, and goat fat. Just mix them up and apply the wart directly. Let the mixture stay for at least 30 minutes. You should do this thrice a day.

Get in touch with a skin specialist and immunologist to cure infectious warts. OTC wart medication and certain treatments can reap faster results.

Warts on the FaceThe Various Kinds of Facial Warts and Their Treatments

Warts on the face may be of various kinds. They are common warts, flat warts, and filiform warts. It is important to diagnose the exact kind of wart on the face and then choose a suitable treatment. Liquid nitrogen and laser are the popular treatments for common warts. If the kind of warts is flat warts, you may use treatments like laser treatment, liquid nitrogen or retinoids. Self-removal is forbidden for filiform warts and flat warts. Treatment options for filiform warts are cryotherapy, radiotherapy, laser treatment and photodynamic therapy. Skin warts on the face can be treated with OTC remedies, natural remedies, salicylic acid treatment. There are also surgical procedures to get rid of warts on face.

Preventative Measures to Undertake

You may take certain steps to avoid warts. After the treatment is over, you must take steps to prevent their recurrence. Some of the measures you can adopt are:

  • Follow a good hygiene routine
  • Do not scratch papillomas, moles, and acne
  • It is essential to visit a good dermatologist every 6 months. The doctor will check your skin and diagnose initial symptoms of any underlying skin condition
  • Girls and women must complete their daily dose of multivitamins and vitamin supplements.

It is difficult to get rid of warts on the face. If all the attempts to remove facial warts fail, the doctor will prescribe facial-wart removal surgery.

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